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It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to the website of the Palestine Telecommunications company through which we provide various services as well as creative and entertaining solutions, and where we plan to meet your expectations and renewable needs.



Investment... Towards a continuous approach…

From the first instance in which we have decided to invest in Palestine, we have committed to build the infrastructure of the Palestinian network and sophisticatedly equip it in order to connect Palestine to the outside world as a whole and to enable us to apply the latest technology. Hence, in order to achieve this, we have strengthened our presence locally and regionally over the past years through various partnerships with major international telecommunication companies; most notably is our partnership with Turkish Telecom Group in the first direct and independent linkage of the Palestinian network via the submarine cable.



We have kept pace of the technical development of the global market for communications and information technology and have committed to provide a range of services that contribute to the technical, economic and social development. We have also worked on providing innovative solutions needed by the Palestinian telecommunications market. Through this, we have aimed at asserting our strong presence as a strategic partner for major companies, organizations and institutions of the public and private sectors as well as an active contributor in the projects of developing the infrastructure of the investment environment in Palestine.



Internet… The basic building block of the development of society...

We look forward in "Paltel" to promote the use of the Internet in various areas of everyday life. Our vision is to make it an integral part of the most important and influential sectors in the community. Based on this, we have established our partnership with different Palestinian universities in a good number of services, projects and networks that have significantly contributed to the development of the concept of the scientific search in Palestine and the update of coping learning methods that accompany the technological development. In addition to this is our as a sufficient contributor in the development of a mechanism to provide services to citizens in some government institutions as well as providing the best and most sophisticated services to companies, institutions and banks, which has helped save the time and effort to their customers and subscribers. It has helped, at the same time, to raise the level of efficiency of the provided services. Henceforth, we are proud of the quantum leap that we have caused in the concept of providing the basic services to citizens across municipalities through the Electronic Municipalities and Smart Cities Project in Palestine.



Moreover, and as a part of the social responsibility that falls to us, we have committed to deploy the Internet culture in Palestinian houses through campaigns and offers that highlight its importance for the various family members in education, entertainment and communication.


Interaction with society… in a more professional manner

As we believe in the significance of interacting with our customers, we have adopted all social media as an essential tool to communicate with them in a more professional manner and give them a modern, wide and transparent cross- spaces to express their views in a unique pattern that mimics the spirit of youth in their electronic communications.

We have insisted on taking multiple initiatives that guarantee our direct access to the largest base of subscribers along with maintaining the continuous updating of the content in a creative manner, which has resulted in increased interaction rates with our customers. This has allowed us to achieve advanced positions in the competing social networking channels pads in both Palestine and the Arab World.



Our partners... The foundation of our success...

Our customers, shareholders and cherished employees, we are proud of your precious trust as you are the most important and the greatest asset we have, and you are our biggest motivation that urges us to develop and to provide all that is new. We would not have had ever achieved all this success if we have not had your support. Thus, Thank you all .. and together toward more achievements and success.



Ma’an Melhem

General Manager

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